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Welcome to Sea of Art Productions.

At Sea of Art we make films for broadcasting and
for private or public purposes: documentaries, features,
commercials, PR films and music video productions.

At Sea of Art we offer a full range of production services;
from the early pre-production stage right through the
entire duration of the production. With our extensive
experience and a host of local contacts we meet
your special requirements. We produce contents of the
highest quality while striving for uncompromising excellence.

Our freelancers are highly skilled, competent and thoroughly
experienced in the film industry and the performing arts.
We can create high production value film anywhere in the
world; we specialize in filming in remote, ethnically diverse
communities, in areas of conflicts and of great peace.

At Sea of Art we believe in the process while creating.
We believe in being devoted and dedicated to the goal.
No bullshitting! We definitely believe in sense of humor.
And, we will make sure that your experience of
working with us is a pleasant and successful one!


Our services include:

Research· Script development· Scriptwriting· Location scouting· Budgeting·
Providing office space· Accommodations·  Transport logistics· Applying for
production permits and work visas·  Recruitment of crew· Casting· Equipment
rental· Post production· Editing (off line & on line)· Writing/recording
soundtrack music · Special effects· Graphic design· Animation· etc.· etc.· etc.·