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A few of Sea of Art's highly skilled freelancers

Jampa Kalsang Tamang, Assistant director / Actor (Nepal)

Jampa was assistant director and an actor in international
film projects such as 'Samsara' (2002)and 'Valley of Flowers'
by Pan Nalin (India). Both films won international awards. 
In the film 'Himalaya'  by Eric Valli, Jampa was an actor.
The film was nominated for an American Oscar in the
foreign film category, and for 7 awards in various film festivals.
In 'Dreaming Lhasa' (2007) Jampa was the lead actor.


Jampa Kalsang Tamang

Ilil Alexander,
Director / Scriptwriter (Israel)
Ilil has been working as a freelance director, writer and
producer since graduating from Tel-Aviv University’s Film
School with Honors and MFA degree 8 years ago.
Her documentary 'Keep Not Silent' (2004) won the Israeli 
Academy Award for Best Documentary, 9 international awards,    
nomination for the UK’s Grierson Award for Best Foreign TV film.


Ilil Alexander

Yoav Kleinman,
Cinematographer / Director (Israel)
Yoav is a director and cinematographer of documentaries,
T.V. Series and dramas. Yoav was the director of Photography 
of '18 kilos of love' (2004), broadcasted in 15 festivals;
Jewish festival Boston, Palm-Beach festival, Tao-Reno
festival, Tol-Grass festival etc', Winner of an Israeli Oscar and        
nominated for an American Oscar for best documentary film.

Yoav Kleinman

Amnon Zalait
Cinematographer (Israel)
Director of photography of more than 15 feature films.
As well Amnon is filming documentaries, T.V. dramas,
commercials and video clips. Winner of Israel:
'Golden Lens Award' commercials Category 1996.
'Golden Lens The Haifa Film Festival' for Best Cinematography.
Awards for Best Cinematography 1992,1993 
Best Cinematography - Short Films Awards 1986

Amnon Zalait

Maria Hansa Notela, Director / Camerawoman (Australia-India)
Hansa started her career as a photojournalist in the U.K. 
and for the last 10 years Hansa has been involved in 
various film projects as a camerawoman, director, editor and 
researcher. Projects such as: 'The Flag Sister' Australia – Italy

'Spirit Stones' – researcher – Australia, Arunachala Shiva’, India; 

A Milliner’s Tale’
, WA and India; Tibet in Song’, India,

'Who am I?' - production manager – India/South Africa, etc. 

Hansa, as a director, is the winner of the WA Screen Awards 

for best documentary 

production for ‘Salt of the Earth' (2007').  

Maria Hansa Notela

Ashu Singh, Editor / Still photographer (India)
Eight years of professional experience in video,
sound editing and special effects. Ashu was the
Assistant Manager of Audio-visual
in 'Organic India' ( Lucknow).He freelanced for

projects such as Archeological survey of India,
Allahabad News Channel (ANC), Allahabad,
Mauryas Original
Films and Photography, Lucknow, etc.  

Ashu Singh,  

Ayal Goldberg,
Director / Editor (Israel).
Ayal directed and edited various documentary films and
video arts. His personal documentary 'Hamavrie' (2004)
won the Israeli award of 'Aliza Shgrir' in Jerusalem film festival.

Ayal Goldberg

Nani Sahra Walker, director

Nani Sahra Walker’s first film, Coming in from the Cold, premiered
at the London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Grenoble Film Festival,
and OutCast, Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in 2009.
She wrote and directed Other Nature, a feature-length
documentary on the advancement of sexual minority
rights in Nepal (sponsored by the San Francisco Film Society, 2009).
Sahra has five years experience in broadcast television
and independent filmmaking in New York City including
animation in the acclaimed documentary Fahrenheit 911.


Jampa Kalsang Tamang